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Exley & Co have provided customised asset finance audit services on behalf of State Securities Plc since 2007.

Exley & Co perform the due diligence necessary to assist in understanding our borrowers thoroughly and make appropriate credit decisions.

They provide concise and detailed asset finance / credit risk reports, and present findings to our Management Board on a monthly basis.

Through both pre-loan surveys and recurring interim field examinations, Exley & Co apply the highest standards of asset auditing.

Benefiting from their extensive audit knowledge and sensitivity to borrower operations, their field examinations do not interrupt or jeopardise our customer relationships.

They perform an objective review of management’s effectiveness. Management style, business experience, level of openness and accessibility, reporting systems and credibility of reporting are all critiqued.

Exley & Co are totally focussed on protecting the assets of State Securities and limiting the financial exposure of our lending portfolio.  Their highly experienced team ensures audits are expedited quickly and professionally.

James Sampson
Asset Director
Direct Line: 01489 775609
Web Site:

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